Nathanael ROUX

Nathanael ROUX

Volunteer Mindfulness Instructor

Puce I live in Le Haillan near Bordeaux / Nouvelle-Aquitaine / France / Europe.

Puce I study and practice Meditation since 1992.

Puce I'm volunteer Mindfulness instructor since 2013.

Puce In june 2017, I created and launched a Mindfulness practice training for the the employees of ArianeGroup.

Puce In june 2019, I opened in addition a Mindfulness practice training for the citizen of "Le Haillan" town, in France.

 Puce I have guided 16 groups, through a Mindfulness practice training path (5 months cycle).


The short book I wrote to describe the Mindfulness practice training path that I have developed (based on Vipassana tradition)


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